🎢 Exploring Control Theory

Fundamental control theory concepts, and applications with a (rough) approximation of an aircraft model!

In-Development! Version 0.3.5

These notes are under active development! They're being posted as they're written – it's more fun that way. You'll pretty easily find typos, blank pages, and mistakes. It's all part of the process! If you have any questions about these notes, don't hesitate to email the author!

I'd like all of the topics outlined below to have complete drafts posted here by the end of 2021. No promises though! Note the version numbers on GitHub.

About these Notes

Welcome to publicly available notes, with working and run-able examples, which provide an overview to control theory. The intended audience are engineering students (undergraduate, early graduate) or new professionals who might want a refresher for fundamental control theory concepts.

We'll walk through simple definitions, motivate controls as a topic, outline linear systems theory and why it is important, and discuss linear and nonlinear controller design and analysis. Throughout these notes, one system will be used as an example: a polynomial model for a sub-scale radio-controlled aircraft, developed by NASA.

Ways to Read

These notes are available as a website, and (soon) via PDF. If you have any questions, suggestions, or corrections, always feel free to email the author, Joe Carpinelli.

You can also host these notes locally! Simply execute the following commands in a Julia REPL.

julia> ]add https://github.com/cadojo/ControlTheoryNotes.jl
julia> import ControlTheoryNotes
julia> ControlTheoryNotes.serve()

Topics to Cover

  • Dynamics: definitions, nonlinear dynamics, and linear dynamics
  • Systems: linear systems theory, introductory nonlinear systems theory
  • Controls: control design for linear and nonlinear systems
  • Analysis: frequency analysis & other linear analysis techniques, nonlinear analysis

What's Next?

Move on to Chapter 1 for some motivation behind these notes, and an quick definitions!