About Me

👋 Hello!
I'm a GN&C Engineer in the USA who is interested in open-source scientific-software development. I'm particularly interested in astrodynamics and aerospace controls. The Julia Programming Language is my tool of choice. This is a personal site – I'll add relevent extracurricular projects, and personal writing over time!


I recently completed a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, and an M.S. in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Maryland. In graduate school, I developed robot software at the Space Systems Lab, and I investigated low-cost interplanetary transfers as part of ongoing course projects. I'm now working full-time as a dynamics & controls engineer on space exploration projects.


I just gave a JuliaCon 2021 talk called Going to Jupiter with Julia. It provides a brief introduction to simple astrodynamics, and scientific computing concepts. Check it out on YouTube, and on GitHub.